Third-Party Vendors: Great Value with Great Risk

Your business must move quickly to evaluate opportunities, enter markets, develop products, ramp up sales, respond to customer needs and complaints, and a host of other challenges that make the difference between success and failure. Leveraging third-party partners, such as suppliers, contractors, consultants, agents, distributors, representatives, and other parties, is now more important than ever […]

Wells Fargo Sales Abuses and Decentralization

Shearman & Sterling’s April 2017 “Sales Practices Investigations Report” for Wells Fargo’s independent directors addressed numerous deficiencies, one of which was the bank’s decentralized structure. The investigation identified the autonomy provided to each business unit as a major factor in the sales abuse scandal. These findings offer rich insights for companies in how ethics and […]

Maintaining Strict Adherence to Ethics and Code of Conduct Policies Should be at the Forefront of Business Priority

Ethics can be a dirty word for executives and management employees. Although all businesses like to think that they remain in compliance with a code of conduct, the term itself often connotes trouble or a sign of rough water ahead. In reality, many businesses maintain an ideal of staying at the forefront of business ethics […]

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