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10 Resources for Managers of Remote Teams

10 Resources for Managers of Remote Teams

According to Gallup polls, the percentage of full-time employees working from home because of COVID-19 closures increased from 33% to 61% in just a few weeks. The sudden shift to remote work has been a significant adjustment, not just for employees.

CEOs, senior leaders, managers, and team leads are facing new stresses and increasingly complex challenges on top of the uncertainty and anxiety caused by the pandemic. Leaders are being called upon to remain calm and commanding while also displaying vulnerability and empathy, communicating a clear plan in a rapidly changing environment, and looking out for the well-being of employees with who they cannot physically interact.

In addition to our previous blogs on Adapting to Working From Home and Navigating the Psychological Impacts of Remote Work, as well as the new Working Remotely Training Suite we are currently providing for free, we scoured the web to assemble the best guidance and resources to support leaders during this unprecedented mass experiment in remote work.


Special sections with thoughtful articles and resources about remote leadership and navigating the “new normal.”

The Harvard Business Review


Thrive Global


Self-assessments and guidebooks on topics such as leading dispersed teams, change management, and coaching remote employees.

The Center for Creative Leadership

Deloitte Insights


Hear from others’ experiences in these podcasts focused predominantly on working remotely.


The Remote Show


REWORK podcast

Expert Interviews

Live conversation series featuring scientists, authors, business leaders, and other experts on navigating the pandemic.

TED Connects

Now more than ever, leaders and managers must remain resilient and adaptable to support newly remote workforces while managing their mental health and the challenges of working from home. At the same time, leaders need support and resources to do their job in unconventional situations. The team here at Syntrio wants you to know that you’re not alone. Over the past weeks, Syntrio added several new microlearning courses focused on working remotely and managing remote employees. Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can help!

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