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EEOC Releases 2017 Litigation Statistics

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) has released its fiscal year 2017 litigation statistics. For those of us involved in the employment discrimination and harassment compliance arena the annual report provides us with a “standings” table much like the standings we analyze so carefully when our favorite baseball team is in the heat […]

Case Study: Sexual Harassment Prevention

Yesterday we discussed the importance of actually doing something about the problem of workplace harassment once a company becomes aware that the problem exists in its organization. Although we like to work with companies to ensure they promote a culture of inclusion and positive interaction before there is a problem, we realize this is not […]

Wells Fargo Sales Abuses and Decentralization

Shearman & Sterling’s April 2017 “Sales Practices Investigations Report” for Wells Fargo’s independent directors addressed numerous deficiencies, one of which was the bank’s decentralized structure. The investigation identified the autonomy provided to each business unit as a major factor in the sales abuse scandal. These findings offer rich insights for companies in how ethics and […]

Wells Fargo Sales Abuses and Performance Management

The rich detail in the Wells Fargo sales practices investigation report (here) by independent law firm Shearman & Sterling offers a wealth of lessons. The report addresses numerous problem areas, all of which can have implications for ethics and compliance education.  This is the first of seven blogs to assess the report’s findings and conclusions […]

The Three C’s of Safety

The Three C’s of Safety The word safety does not contain the letter “C;” however, the results of a workplace safety initiative likely rest on three simple words not normally associated with safety programs: “Commitment, Communication, and Consistency.” After 20 years in the occupational safety industry, and having conducted thousands of consultation visits, I have […]

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