Working in a Team

Participating in a High-Performance Team

Participating in a High-Performance Team

For team members, there are few professional experiences as exciting and rewarding as being on a highly successful team. However, before you can reap the benefits that can come from being on a successful team, you must learn how to be a truly productive team member. Being on a real team may involve some changes in the way you work. In this online training course, you will learn the unique skills and techniques necessary to be a highly successful part of any team.

AUDIENCE: All employees who participate in teams
DURATION: 45 minutes

Handling Conflict: An Employee's Guide

Handling Conflict: An Employees’ Guide

This business skills course focuses on a collaborative approach to conflict resolution, teaching employees how to resolve workplace conflicts so that everyone “wins.” Students completing this online training course will learn how to use good listening and communicating skills to keep conflict constructive, identify natural conflict-handling styles, resolve conflict collaboratively, and when and how to ask for help in the resolution process.

AUDIENCE: All employees
DURATION: 45 minutes

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