Are Unethical Practices Creating Hostility at Your Place of Business?

Fear, bullying and mistrust are frequent sources of employee dissatisfaction in today’s workplace. All of these are workplace problems that lead to lawsuits when employees are disciplined, terminated, or voluntarily leave a company’s employ. Workplace culture is one of the most scrutinized aspects of business today, yet managers and executives alike frequently ignore it. Indeed, if the bottom line looks healthy the business must be in good shape, right? Wrong.

Discrimination and Bullying is a Serious Problem

Behavior such as discrimination and bullying is frequently a sign of wider issues within the business that need to be examined. By eliminating non-compliant behavior such as privacy issues and discrimination from the office culture you can reduce the likelihood that an employee will be compelled to sue upon his or her departure from the company.

Unethical practices have a variety of sources, such as a desire to cut costs, management’s distrust of employee usage of company property, competition from similar businesses in the marketplace, and a desire to cover up mistakes. All businesses face these issues, but the ones that take proactive measures to improve compliance and business ethics are the ones who are staying out of court and moving forward in 2015 and beyond.

In addition to creating a culture of fear and negative employee perception, poor ethical practices like the ones discussed above can lead to employee infighting and significant distractions from the tasks at hand. When employees are concerned that their privacy rights are being violated or that they are being singled out for discriminatory reasons, they are far less likely to focus on their job-related duties and more likely to waste time searching for another job out of fear of losing the one they already have. Combine this with lost productivity in employees discussing the issues with one another and there is a real problem that needs to be addressed.

Trust in the company impacts morale directly. The best way to improve trust and corporate culture is to train managers on compliant business practices from the top down. By doing so, managers will make employees feel confident that there is an open-door policy whereby they can report problems to their supervisor without the fear of repercussions from the company. Because retaliation is one of the largest types of employment lawsuits facing companies today, improvement in culture can lead to big savings in litigation costs.

The bottom line is companies need to take a proactive approach to ensure that their managers have the information necessary to comply with the high volume of employment laws and ethical issues facing modern businesses. Syntrio, Inc. specializes in providing Ethics and HR compliance training. Contact us today at 888-289-6670 to discuss your compliance efforts and any issues that may be arising within your company.


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