Syntrio E10 LMS Detailed Features

Syntrio's E10 LMS is loaded with features and provides your organization the flexibility to pick the ones that are right for you!


Flexible Display Architecture

Based on next generation web technologies, Syntrio LMS E10 is not restricted to only the desktop or laptop. The flexible, programmable architecture means that utilizing Syntrio LMS E10 is just as comfortable on the tablet as the desktop or laptop. The display can expand or contract, depending on the screen that is viewing it.

Flexible Display Architecture 2

Another new feature of the Syntrio LMS E10 platform is that – on the fly – administrators or users, can organize course catalog displays, move columns around, group and sort columns – right on the screen, and across different devices and displays. A light and responsive html5 design makes all the difference.

Next Generation Services Architecture

Another benefit of Syntrio LMS E10 being built on next generation web technologies is that the LMS E10 has the capacity to tie into different API’s and systems across the cloud, in a secure manner. This allows easy integration with single sign on vendors, or integration with data from other systems.

Personalized Intelligent Dashboard

The student and administrators upon login, are presented with an easy to understand dashboard that reflects tasks and relevant information for the students to act upon.  From training plans to in-Progress training, to emails, view what needs to be addressed, at a glance.

Inbox and email functionality

An inbox is built right into the platform, which means easy finding, using, storing, and signaling of emails, to the user. Like any current email system, unread emails will show up as unread.

Choose the organization’s training formats

Rather than having a fixed training format to present to your users –– Syntrio LMS E10 allows the organization, to create and display the learning formats that are used in your organization. Fully customize the learning content, based on different learning styles and processes.

Added tracking modes

Syntrio LMS E10 has added to the tracking modes available for different training resources. For online content, tracking can now be presented as simply viewed, as non-tracked, or as tracked with a testing component.

Site Themes

Easy choices for site themes, for display across the LMS.


Because of the next generation web technologies, embedded in Syntrio LMS E10’s core, customized announcements, with full presentation control, can be added to the site. As many as needed, updated on the fly, and with easy formatting controls.

System Logs

Syntrio LMS E10 introduces log tracking, right in the administration panel.  Easily view course activity log, user activity log, and training activity log.

Easy to add, use third-party course compatibility

Syntrio LMS E10 utilizes a supremely east path, to upload either AICC or SCORM courses.  Simply upload the course, and the LMS E10 places the course on the server, and reads all the necessary data about the course – let the LMS take care of it!

Flexible, easy to use, easy to set reporting engine

Syntrio LMS E10 allows a nearly infinite set of just what you want, to be reported on. Need to report on 50 job titles, but not the other 500 job titles? Set that report – then SAVE that report, for easy use the next time. Save as many additional reports as you need.

Flexible search features

Users can set different search features, based on the organization’s emphasis, and built to what the organization desires. Search all fields, or set only some fields. The choice is yours, LMS E10 will map to what you need to display.

Reference Links Management:

Syntrio LMS E10 can be populated with different types of links – fill the catalog with reference material, linked out to intranet locations, external locations, and structure the organization of those links the way you wish.  Decide whether these resources are tracked upon launch, untracked, or tested.  The decision is yours.

Robust Training Plans, required and recommended:

Syntrio LMS E10 can require and schedule any type of curricula, and communicate that curriculum to any users.  Whether a user is required to take a single compliance course, or a complex curriculum, including required and alternative items, Syntrio LMS E10 can track it all, and communicate any curriculums right to the users.