Standards of Conduct & Policies

We assist companies with developing, updating, launching and reinforcing their codes of conduct and policies to effectively communicate the organization’s expectations regarding responsible conduct to employees and other constituents.

Risk: All organizations need to set expectations for how employees and other parties conduct business. Failing to set and communicate constructive standards of conduct and related policies heightens the risk of improper conduct, weakens internal controls, invites operational inconsistency and undermines employees’ competencies, among other failures.

Value: An organization’s code of conduct and policies are the foundations for setting and communicating leadership’s expectations regarding responsible conduct and identifying resources to help employees make the right decisions.

Activities: We help clients to:
  • Develop, revise, and launch codes of conduct as the principal means for setting an organization’s standards of conduct.
  • Develop an overarching, coordinated policy program.
  • Develop, revise, and communicate individual ethics and compliance-related policies.
  • Strengthen efforts to continuously reinforce the code of conduct and related policies so that they remain at the front of employees’ minds and serve as ongoing guides for employee conduct.