Ethics and Compliance Program Assessments

We help clients to understand the effectiveness of their program, its maturity level and improvement opportunities and develop a roadmap for further developing it in line with external and organizational changes.

Risk: When an ethics and compliance program is not periodically reviewed, leadership cannot determine if program activities are performing well, whether high-performing activities are effective and which activities truly make an impact. This leads to misapplication and waste of resources, an underperforming program and further risk to the organization.

Value: A program assessment helps an organization to identify poorly performing activities and improve them, optimize activities for their most efficient and effective outcomes and offer a better chance of meeting the program’s strategic objectives.

Activities: We help clients to:
  • Assess the ethics and compliance program using a blend of techniques to elicit the most useful information to meet the organization’s needs.
  • Develop findings, implications and recommendations to help prioritize program improvement opportunities.
  • Plan program improvements based on assessment findings that provide the best chance to meet program goals.