Ethics & Compliance Risk Assessments

We help clients to identify, evaluate and prioritize these risks and then plan efforts to manage these risks to reduce the organization’s liability and help it to meet its business goals.

Risk: Organizations without a proper understanding of their ethics and compliance risks cannot effectively develop and deploy internal controls and other resources to manage these risks. Risk management becomes based on happenstance, guesswork, and ambiguity.

Value: An effective risk assessment effort supports regulators’ call for a risk-based ethics and compliance program and supports efficient and successful risk management. Controls are focused on the highest risks while continuing to manage the broad range of risks relevant to operations.

Activities: We help clients to:
  • Identify both relevant business process and ethical culture risks.
  • Assess risks based on significance, likelihood and other measures.
  • Prioritize risks to help focus resource application and leadership attention.
  • Assess controls and develop plans to manage these risks.