Ethics & Compliance Education

We help clients to assess educational needs, plan educational strategies and programs and develop and deliver education through a number of formats and measure the effectiveness of these efforts.

Risk: Codes and policies alone can do only so much to advance ethics. Employees who are ill equipped to understand and apply these standards consistently likely will fail in their efforts, especially at critical events and when under pressure.

Value: A well-planned ethics and compliance education program provides employees with the knowledge and perspective to promote responsible conduct and skills that put into action their commitment to responsible business practices. These competencies support the overall program’s efforts to reduce misconduct, increase reports of suspected misconduct and promote greater responsibility.

Activities: We help clients to:
  • Conduct an education needs assessment to determine desired training and communications and the best, resource-effective methods to provide it.
  • Design and deliver live training, including development of train-the-trainer programs to enable staff to conduct training.
  • Design blended and integrated learning solutions that incorporate the right mix of online training, live training and other educational approaches.
  • Plan, develop and deploy communications programs that increase employee awareness and education regarding standards and the organization’s commitment.