Support Services

As our valued customer, our goal is to get your system up and running quickly (in days), and then provide the ongoing support and expertise you need to ensure that you are on target to meet your training objectives.

Skilled support services that you can count on.







Set Up and Configuration

After taking time to understand your organization’s goals and priorities, our Client Services Team will walk you through the set up and configuration process – step by step.


Learn the System

Our Client Services Team will provide an in-depth training session prior to launching the site. Additional information on our products and best practices for success is available "on demand" at your learning site in the form of online tutorials, help files and product manuals.  You can also register for on-going Syntrio-Lite and Syntrio-Plus Web training sessions when you need a refresher.


Ongoing Support

Throughout the course of our client relationship, Syntrio's experienced Client Services Team is available to advise you and help you troubleshoot any issues that you can’t resolve. Behind the scenes, your online learning site is monitored 24/7 at a secure data center. Rigid physical and electronic security standards ensure that your company’s data is safe, secure and available to you when you need it.


Quarterly Review

Throughout the year, we monitor your training progress and step in to offer assistance and support if we notice a problem or see that your effort is stalled in any way. We’ll also keep you abreast of new product releases and address any questions that may concern you.


Evaluate and Renew

When it is time to renew your contract, we will help you determine if any system reconfiguration is needed. We will also look at your training needs and help you continue to find the most cost effective strategy for your organization. Syntrio is proud that we have one of the industry’s highest annual renewal rates.