Study Unveils the Principles of a High Quality Compliance Program: Part I

A new study conducted by the non-profit Ethics and Compliance Initiative has revealed striking detail about the common tenets of quality corporate compliance programs. It is no secret that ethics and compliance plays a vital role in maintaining the success and sustainability of any company or organization. Although at present there are a wide variety of methods of achieving broad-based compliance in the workplace, studies such as the one conducted by ECI’s blue-ribbon panel are revealing that nearly all organizations have the same goals.

Unquestionably, the most effective way to meet compliance goals is to make available online training to the workforce that provides the education necessary carry out your ideals. This two-part article will illustrate the key principles of a quality compliance program (as identified by ECI’s panel) and how Syntrio’s online training is suited to meet those principles.

  1. Ethics and Compliance is Central to Business Strategy

All top executives understand that in today’s day and age they need to keep compliance at the forefront of the business model. To that end, there is simply no greater way to keep this ideal visible than to subscribe to a host of online training programs specifically aimed at instilling the ideals of ethics and compliance into your corporate routine.

  1. Ethics and Compliance Risks are Owned, Identified, Managed, and Mitigated

Hiding the proverbial corporate head in the sand simply is not going to cut it. Companies of all sizes are going to face ethics and compliance issues and risks. Those companies who choose to be proactive, and train their employees on how to identify the issues, own up to them, and mitigate the damages stemming from present issues are those who will be able to deal with the inevitable. For this reason, it is important that companies do more than just “check the box” by providing a catch-all training program. Indeed, Syntrio’s vast library of specific topics will have your employees prepared to deal with nearly any issue that may arise.

  1. Leaders at all Levels Build and Sustain a Culture of Integrity

True leaders are visionaries. They see the world two moves in advance. With that vision comes an eye towards teaching; however, the greatest teachers cannot teach without the proper tools. This is why Syntrio has created a vast library of online ethics and compliance courses that are the tools of the leadership trade. By providing employees with the opportunity to come to a mentor after taking the short training programs, your company leadership will be empowered to instill the vision and corporate ideals as you see fit while discussing the corporate ethos with a far more educated workforce.

Next week we will address the remaining key principles of a quality ethics and compliance program. We remind you that Syntrio is committed to helping businesses avoid costly incidents associated with ethics and compliance missteps. We are also able to custom-tailor our courses to fit the needs of your business. Contact for more information about our vast library of online training courses for employees and management and remember to follow us on Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn for daily updates on compliance that impact your company!


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