Social Networking

Safe Social Networking

In this course, you review the behaviors to safe social networking. Learn to avoid risky behavior such as sharing nonpublic company information, sharing personal information, connecting with unknown people and unfamiliar links. Learn to take various privacy precautions including, avoiding posting personally identifiable information, adjusting privacy and security settings, and avoiding using third party applications.

Course Details:

Audience: All employees
Length: 7 minutes
Code: GLS-3962

Browsing the Web Securely

Avoid unsafe websites by checking and detecting suspicious URLs, using the Contact Us page to determine legitimacy, downloading software from only well-known, secure websites and checking the properties of questionable links. Learn the best practices of securing your browser by avoiding add-on software, configuring the browser’s security settings, clearing cache and cookies, logging out of sites after using them, keeping the pop-up blocker on and installing the latest software updates.

Course Details:

Audience: Insurance company employees who handle customer data
Length: 9 minutes
Code: GLS-4303



Avoiding Phishing Message Threats

Learn to recognize phishing message threats such as being wary of email links and attachments, verifying message source of unsolicited email, emails that request money, and urgent requests in emails. While while mobile stay mindful of these threats by recognizing phishing messages, making sure you know you know who you’re chatting with, avoiding links in unsolicited text messages and sing the security practices used for computers. Also learn about protecting your devices by the using anti-virus protection and firewalls, configuring the email client for security and protecting email login credentials.

Course Details:

Audience: All employees
Length: 6 minutes
Course: GLS-3864


Securing Your Mobile Devices

Learn how to secure your mobile device by securing system setting and using secure data practices. This course covers the use of PINs/passcodes, network connections, location tracking, disposing of a device, downloading apps, installing operating systems, unsolicited emails and texts as well as accessing and storing sensitive information.

Course Details:

Audience: All employees
Length: 7 minutes
Code: GLS-4221


Setting up Passwords

Learn how to create strong passwords, and avoid weak ones. This course will also help you to keep passwords secure, learn why it is best to use multiple passwords, set up password recovery and why one should protect and change passwords frequently.

Course Details:

Audience: All employees
Length: 11 minutes
Code: GLS-3863


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