Securing Networks

Safeguarding Your Office Network

Learn to secure your office network by defending your computer! Steps include being wary of baiting, emails with downloads and attachments, and installing software updates. Learn to manage a security compromise and computer problems. Be mindful of protecting company data by avoiding the sharing of sensitive information over unencrypted email/text messages, using password protection on devices and accounts and how to protect mobile devices with company information in public places.

Course Details:

Audience: All employees
Length: 8 minutes
Code: GLS-4348

Securing Information at the Office

This course teaches you how maintaining physical security. Prevent tailgating, protect devices, data, and sensitive documents. Avoid unauthorized disclosure by being wary of unsolicited callers, limiting disclosure of sensitive information, using confidential information only as authorized and avoiding discussion of sensitive information in public places.

Course Details:

Audience: Insurance company employees who handle customer data
Length: 7 minutes
Code: GLS-4301



Securing Information During Travel

In this course learn the steps to securing information while you travel. From the initial precautions one needs to take before travelling, learning how to be secure while at the airport and safety precautions to consider at your final destination.

Course Details:

Audience: All employees
Length: 7 minutes
Code: GLS-3494


Working Safely in Public Places

This course will help you identify what you need to securely use wi-fi in public places. Learn about firewalls, antivirus software, when to avoid working on sensitive information in public, using public computers and VPN connections. You will also learn about securing sensitive information be it in discussion, printed material, or data.

Course Details:

Audience: All employees
Length: 6 minutes
Course: GLS-3864


Securing Work at Home

This course outlines the multiple issues to consider when working from home. Learn how to secure your home network, your computing devices as well as learning to follow safe internet practices.

Course Details:

Audience: All employees
Length: 11 minutes
Code: GLS-3863


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