Richard Bistrong: Why We Say Yes





For the first time ever, a full feature length animated film featuring Richard Bistrong as you have never seen him before. Learn the true story of how Richard went from successful businessman to a criminal in prison for bribery and corruption. Hear from Richard about the mistakes he made and learn about the behaviors, environment and the beliefs that shaped his downfall. Also hear from the Chief of the United Nations Procurement Task Force, Robert Appleton, who eventually uncovered Richard’s illegal conduct and shared his findings with the US Justice Department. This is a real life story, told by the actual individuals, not to be missed.

DURATION: 8:15 minutes


  • Learners learn about the true consequences of bribery and corruption and the impact it has on individuals, companies, fair markets, society and the environment.
  • Learners understand that you can’t rationalize bribery and corruption: you will get caught.
  • Learners understand that the language of bribery of corruption involves many words and can identify a non-cash bribe.
  • Learners realize that you can deliver sales and compliance.
  • Learners understand how compensation arrangements that are out of line with compliance messages can deliver compliance confusion in the field.



Richard Bistrong: Why We Say Yes






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