SCCE Web Conference – Post Conference Follow-up

Thanks for visiting the Syntrio booth at the SCCE Conference and leaving your contact information. As promised, attached below is  a sample of our training as well as more information about us.

The Syntrio Philosophy

We wanted to provide an innovative approach not just to the content but also the way in which people learn. This is the philosophy upon which we based our training:

  • People learn in different ways: no one size fits all. Some people want long-form training with instructional design, some want micro-learning that is on one discrete topic that they can watch quickly and remember and some just want to read a printed training.  
  • Training that engages: The first encounter with Compliance for many will be through their training.  Training is the opportunity to really drive behaviors and encourage people to report, speak up and ask questions.
  • Every minute counts: People are time poor. They have a vast amount of other training to watch, communications to read and well as perform their day job. So they need training that stands out and is memorable.
  • Integrity Flicks: People love to watch streaming TV programs such as Netflix so they can choose what they want to watch, when they want to watch it. Why not offer the same for people at work?
  • Training people at work in the same way as they learn at home: People love to learn in small bite size videos from places such as TED Talks and YouTube. Again, why not offer this at work?

That’s why Syntrio training:

  • Was produced by experts who have first hand experience of compliance issues to create a library, which combines great content with engaging training designed to increase people’s appetite for Compliance.
  • Was created following 100s of sessions of face-to-face training and feedback from employees around the world. This enabled us to create content that is relevant, useful and engaging and focuses on neuroscience and behaviors as well as the law
  • Offers a variety of long form training courses as well as 35 Micro-learning videos. We also have graphic novels of the training that people can read rather than watch.
  • Is engaging. Our micro-learning videos were created using the philosophy that training should be short, concise, memorable and engaging in order to be effective and useful.
  • Is used by some of the greatest organizations in the world: Employees from City of London Police, Rio Tinto, Microsoft, Oxfam, LinkedIn, Rolls Royce, Airbus and Wesfarmers use our training. It is also used by Anti-Corruption organizations such as Trace International and the Basel Institute.
  • Uses humor to tap into learners’ multiple intelligences and learning styles in a way that forces them to think in divergent ways and retain information.
  • Has phenomenal feedback: 91% of learners said the training was engaging, 95% saying it was relevant to their role and, unusually for compliance, 86% wanted more.  
  • Is functional: It is accessible to everyone on any device, wherever they are and can be translated  into any language.

At Syntrio we understand that people learn in different ways, so we offer both short-form (Micro-learning) courses and traditional long-form (30-45 minute) courses. If you would like to see any of the following examples, just click on the link and complete the brief form.  You will then be contacted with access to the requested sample(s).

Finally, we are delighted to announce that leading international Compliance training expert, Nicole Rose, is now working with us. It was Nicole and her company that provided us with the phenomenal new micro-learning training. She has just released a new book on Compliance training called Compliance With Attitude. You can request access to the free E-book here.  It will give you a great insight into other companies’ experience with these methods and also provide you with a whole host of tips and ideas.

 If you are interested in hearing more, we would be delighted to speak with you and more fully introduce these training methods to you and your team.  Just complete this form  and one of our Syntrio staff members will be in communication with you right away.



SCCE Web Conference – Strange Bedfellows: The Intersection Between Employment Law & Regulatory Compliance

Jon GonzalezFeaturing Jonathan Gonzalez, General Counsel, Syntrio, Inc.

November 2, 2016

12:00 PM CT (90 minutes) | earn 1.2 CCB CEUs

1:00 Pm Eastern /11:00 AM Mountain / 10:00 AM Pacfic / 9:00 AM Alaska / 7:00 AM Hawaii-Aleutian


Learning Outcomes:

  • Wy do corporate compliance departments treat regulatory compliance and HR compliance as separate agendas?
  • Statistics show HR issues are the foundation for successful across-the-board compliance initiatives.
  • Learning the checklist for identifying employees who ensure a culture of compliance is promoted.

 Click on either image to learn more.