Ongoing Challenges in International Trade Compliance

Ongoing Challenges in International Trade Compliance


New Course: Introduction to Export Compliance (US Audience)

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Companies continue to face challenges with addressing the patchwork of US laws and regulations that govern companies operating across borders and which have ensnared many large companies in recent years. These challenges include:

  • Exporting items related to military application and with commercial use.
  • Relying on shippers and other third parties for ensuring compliance.
  • Providing technical data to non-US citizens.
  • Sending technical data and other product-related information in emails and otherwise across the Internet.
  • Clearing employees in certain functions or involved in specific projects.
  • Dealing with changes to US relations with sensitive countries, such as Libya, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria and North Korea.

To avoid costly fines, sanctions and even restrictions and prohibitions in exporting from the US, companies need to ensure that employees serving in certain functions understand the purpose for and relevance of export compliance standards and controls and steps the organization needs to take to ensure compliance with these important rules.

Course Overview

To assist with these efforts, Syntrio introduces Introduction to Export Compliance, a 20-minute course for US or other audiences that need to comply with US export rules.  An organization that proactively ensures proper compliance with export laws can:

  • Avoid unnecessary delays in clearing customs.
  • Better ensure an uninterrupted product-to-market stream ahead of competitors.
  • Reduce supply chain and distributor chain costs.
  • Better predict and control post-production costs.
  • Benefit from preferential trade programs.

This course provides a general overview of U.S. export rules that must be followed by companies that export to destinations outside the U.S. or that take other actions that qualify as an export. Knowing your company’s responsibilities under the law can help avoid potential errors and costly legal sanctions arising from violations.

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What Organizations Need This?

This course is applicable to all organizations that:

  • Export technology or other business information outside of the U.S., whether as part of products and services or for internal purposes.
  • Export controlled technology outside of the US or provide it to foreign nationals inside the U.S.
  • Work with third parties for export shipping and declarations.
  • Export to politically-sensitive individuals, organizations or countries, or to locations that may re-export to these entities.

Which Employees Need This?

This course is most applicable to employees:

  • In R&D and product development.
  • Working with military or “dual use” technologies or other items.
  • Working with technical data and providing it to non-US citizen employees or third parties.
  • Transferring technical data to non-US locations or entities.
  • Identifying and/or reviewing third parties, especially those outside of the U.S., with which the organization will do business.
  • Involved in shipping and customs.

Course Topics

The course addresses the following topics:

  • What qualifies as an export outside of the U.S. or from one country to another under U.S. law.
  • Key questions to determine export licensing requirements.
  • U.S. regulations on what can and cannot be shipped without license.
  • U.S. regulations regarding economic sanctions and embargoes.
  • Expectations for screening customers, determining the end use of exports, and paying attention to red flags.
  • Deemed exports.

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