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Maine Sexual Harassment Training for Managers

This course, designed for Maine managers and/or supervisors, discusses the federal and Maine state anti-discrimination laws and company policies prohibiting sexual harassment. Using hypothetical scenarios and real-life examples, managers are instructed on how to recognize and prevent sexual harassment and retaliation and are provided practical guidance on the steps that should be taken to correct sexual harassment. Managers will learn of their legal and moral obligations in refraining from harassment and maintaining a harassment-free environment as well as the remedies available for victims.

Duration: 60 minutes
Audience: Managers and supervisors
Code: scomp176



Introduction to Export Compliance

This course provides a general overview of U.S. export rules that must be followed by companies that export to destinations outside the U.S. or that take other actions that qualify as an export.  Knowing your company's responsibilities under the law can help avoid potential errors and costly legal sanctions arising from violations.

Duration: 20 minutes
Audience: All employees
Code: scomp168



Social Media EthicsSocial Media Ethics

The rise of social media has impacted society and culture, including the workplace, in profound ways. By revolutionizing the way people communicate and socialize, social media offers many opportunities and benefits to individuals and to organizations. It also raises many challenging ethical and legal issues. This course provides an overview of the social media ethics in the workplace. 

Duration: 25 minutes
Audience: All employees
Code: scomp161



Speak UpSpeak Up!  Addressing Ethics Concerns

Legal and ethical missteps can occur in any organization. Addressing and resolving these behaviors on a regular basis can head off devastating effects to the organization and its reputation. This course teaches employees the importance of speaking up on ethics concerns and their responsibility to hold each other accountable for maintaining the high ethical standards of the organization. It also discusses actions employees can take to question and/or report misconduct if it arises. 

Duration: 15 minutes
Audience: All employees
Code: scomp155

splashResolving Ethical Issues

Resolving ethical issues requires advanced decision-making skills and keen moral sensibilities. To help you effectively address and resolve ethical issues that arise in the workplace, this course introduces a four-step model for ethical awareness, assessment, decision-making, and action.

Duration: 30 minutes
Audience: Manager and Supervisors
Code: scomp157

GiftsGifts and Entertainment

Gifts and entertainment are often given and received in a business setting. They are also a hotbed for ethics and legal concerns. This course discusses what can be considered a gift and provides a framework for determining when gifts and entertainment are appropriate and when they can raise ethics issues.

Duration: 15 minutes
Audience: All Employees
Code: scomp156

Avoiding Conflicts of InterestAvoiding Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest arise in the workplace can undermine the reputation and integrity of the individual(s) involved and the organization. This course teaches employees to recognize potential conflicts of interest, or situations that could be perceived as conflicts of interests, and respond appropriately by avoiding or disclosing the situation through appropriate channels.

Duration: 15 minutes
Audience: All Employees
Code: scomp162

Avoiding AntitrusAvoiding Antitrust Violations

Antitrust laws exist to ensure that consumers are able to enjoy the benefits of choice between providers in a competitive marketplace. This course provides an overview of antitrust laws and the anticompetitive agreements and behaviors with customers and competitors that can lead to violations.

Duration: 20 minutes
Audience: All Employees
Code: scomp164

image001Avoiding Insider Trading Risk

This awareness course discusses insider trading and the circumstances and types of transactions that can lead to violations of federal securities laws enforced by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Using a story-based format, the course describes what is and is not insider trading and outlines key responsibilities for minimizing risks of insider trading violations. 
Duration: 15 minutes
Audience: All employees

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Responding to Ethics Complaints


Maintaining and ethical and legally compliant culture is essential to our long-term success, however, unethical and unlawful behavior can occur in any organization. How quickly the organization responds to such behavior often dictates whether the ethical culture is strengthened or whether the reputation and health of the organization is being put at risk. Managers and supervisors have a responsibility to respond promptly and effectively to ethics and compliance complaints in the workplace.This course discusses a manager's role responding to ethics complaints as well as procedures for investigating and appropriately resolving ethics concerns.
Duration: 25 minutes
Audience: Manager and Supervisors
Code: scomp157
Jonathan G. Gonzalez obtained a Juris Doctorate from Marquette University School of Law in 2006.

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