Catalyze Your Compliance Training

Syntrio's Micro-Learning solutions are succinct 90 seconds to 5-minute videos that can be used to prime employee appetite for compliance training.  Micro-Learning solutions are engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking supplements to traditional e-learning that are based on real-world compliance events. The videos are catchy, resolute, leave the user craving more, and can be supplemented with downloadable posters, e-books, and other materials.

Key Features

  • Engaging and Innovative
  • Broad Audience Appeal
    • Digital Natives to Boomers
  • Storytelling Method (Memorable)
  • Punchy and Current

Reinforce Training with Micro-Learning

Once the memory of Syntrio’s engaging, thought-provoking and entertaining full-scale training courses (covering a large buffet of relevant  compliance topics) begins to fade, a return to Micro-Learning reinforces the issues that are critical to each area of compliance. Indeed, we believe the user is more likely to continue asking the difficult questions and will be more likely to report compliance violations before they become full-scale crises when they are part of a holistic culture of compliance. 




BistrongClick image to see Richard Bistrong Micro-Learning video

Syntrio’s Philosophy of a “Continuum of Compliance”

Compliance Moments are just one part of Syntrio’s renowned compliance program design. Indeed, Syntrio’s approach involves a custom compliance policy review, conducted by Syntrio’s team of experts, not just in sales, but also in the content. Syntrio’s engaging and entertaining courseware (including Micro-Learrning) is designed to keep the user thinking critically and fully immersed in the process while learning the critical elements that will keep them compliance-minded. Finally, Syntrio’s anonymous hotline allows employees to report ethical violations anonymously, without any fear of retaliation.


Syntrio’s Compliance Continuum


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