Maine Sexual Harassment Training for Managers

This course is, designed for Maine managers and/or supervisor. It, educates managers on Maine state anti-discrimination laws (as well as the federal law), and company policy prohibiting sexual harassment. Using engaging and entertaining hypothetical scenarios and real-life examples, managers are instructed on how to recognize and prevent sexual harassment and retaliation. They are also provided practical guidance on the steps that should be taken to correct sexual harassment, in the event that it occurs. Managers will learn of their legal and moral obligations in refraining from harassment and maintaining a harassment-free environment, as well as the remedies available for victims. They also will be armed with all of the reporting and posting requirements that are set forth by the Maine Legislature in the Maine Human Rights Act’s sexual harassment training requirement. Simply stated, there is no better course managers can take on the market today.

Syntrio’s courseware was specifically developed with Maine’s requirements in mind. Further, our courses focus on ensuring that your workplace fosters a culture free from harassment and does not simply “check the box.” While companies will undoubtedly be better prepared to defend a lawsuit when using the courses that we carefully develop, companies will also be best prepared to provide employees with the tools to work in an environment wherein they will be comfortable and ready to stay for the long haul. We cannot understate the proven value and savings from hiring and retaining the best possible employees, as well as protecting your company from unlawful harassment.

Maine Sexual Harassment Training for Managers

Audience: Maine Managers and Supervisors
Length: 1 hour

Topics Covered:

  • Explains your legal obligations, as an employee of this company, with regards to sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Define and describe sexual harassment.
  • Identify the “protected classes” under federal law and the Maine Human Rights Act.
  • Understand what can create a hostile work environment.
  • Know what to do and who to contact if you witness or experience workplace harassment.
  • Know how to take immediate and corrective action in response to complaints of sexual harassment.

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