Large California Grocery Chain Sued for Unpaid Overtime

Wage and Hout Training


On September 24, 2015, a group of California employees filed a wage and hour lawsuit against grocery giant Vons in Santa Barbara County. The lawsuit seeks $4 million in damages and alleges that the grocery chain did not pay required overtime compensation. The suit also claims Vons required its employees to work through meal periods over a four-year period and alleges that Vons destroyed and falsified time records to eliminate overtime hours and show that employees had taken their meal breaks when they allegedly had not.

Lawsuit Yet Another Example of California Employers in Hot Water

California wage and hour law is the most complicated in the country. If you or your company have employees working in that state it is imperative that you seek advice and training to ensure that your managers and payroll administrators understand the laws and their nuances and are doing everything they can to comply with California’s complex overtime, meal and rest, and recordkeeping requirements (among others).

As the Vons lawsuit shows, repeated violations over a period of time can go unnoticed and can add up to a significant amount of damages. Worse yet, California law allows for plaintiffs’ attorneys to recover fees on behalf of their clients in the event they successfully pursue a claim. Therefore, in addition to the potential $4 million in damages Vons could be liable for if they are found to have violated California law, there could be hundreds of thousands of dollars more in attorneys fees that the company may have to pay. Don’t let this happen to your business.

Syntrio Has Developed Cost-Effective Training Programs for Your Business

Syntrio has recently released two new courses specifically designed to aid California managers and supervisors in complying with California Wage and Hour law. The first, “Wage and Hour Basics for California Managers” is designed for California managers who supervise employees subject to California state minimum wage, overtime, and meal and rest break laws. The shorter second course is entitled, “Meal and Rest Break Training” and goes into greater detail about the nuances of this complicated area of California law that is one of the bases of the lawsuit discussed above. We recommend your managers and supervisors participate in both courses to have the fundamentals necessary to comply with the law.

Syntrio is committed to helping employers avoid the costly mistakes (and associate litigation) that are associated with complicated areas of employment law. We are also able to custom-tailor our courses to fit the needs of your business. Contact for more information about our wage and hour courses for management and remember to follow on TwitterGoogle Plus and LinkedIn for daily updates on compliance issues that may impact your business!


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