Interviewing and Hiring

An organization’s strength lies in its employees, but hiring the right people while abiding by employment laws takes knowledge and planning. Good hiring must be done with objectivity, care, and an eye toward the law. The process takes time, but finding the right person for the job will pay off in improved morale, productivity, and avoidance of lawsuits!

Syntrio's course, Legal Aspects of Interviewing and Hiring, explores effective strategies for sourcing, interviewing and hiring the best person for any position. It also includes interview training for your hiring managers. From job description and posting through interviewing and selection, this interview training program provides practical guidance on effective and lawful employment practices.

Course Details:

Audience: Managers with hiring authority
Length: 30 minutes

Topics Covered:

Upon completion of this course you should be able to

  • Formulate effective and non-discriminatory job descriptions
  • Identify the common methods of locating and screening applicants and the legal pitfalls in doing so
  • Formulate effective and legally compliant interview scripts
  • Learn about legal issues concerning the conducting of tests, references, and background checks
  • Learn about legal issues concerning evaluation and decision making on job candidates
  • Create a legally compliant job offer letter that does not place the organization at risk of inadvertently creating contractual obligations

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