Individual Liability for California Managers in Wage & Hour Cases Now a Reality


In a bit of news that no employer will be glad to hear, California has further complicated its wage and hour law to include individual liability for managers, officers, and directors who violate California wage and hour provisions. Throughout its legislative history, California has long been known as the most employee-friendly state when it comes to wage and hour law. That said, the state has until now been reluctant to impose liability on managers and other high level employees.

Governor Jerry Brown recently signed into law an amendment to Labor Code section 558.1, which effectively states that owners, directors, officers, or managing agents of the employer may be held liable as the employer for wage and hour violations. In short, this means that plaintiffs’ attorneys in California will now be able to seek damages from the individual actors in minimum wage, overtime, and meal and rest break cases in addition to the company itself. This shift in policy presents a wide variety of challenges in litigating these matters and will cause the costs of wage and hour litigation to rise even further.

Syntrio Has Developed Cost-Effective California Wage and Hour Training

The best means of avoiding a wage and hour lawsuit is to train your managers on effective compliance with California wage and hour law. Syntrio has recently revamped its online training courses to include the latest changes in California law. Moreover, the courses use real-life scenarios to illustrate the dangers of failing to comply. Indeed, Syntrio’s wage and hour programs go into detail on the nuances of California’s complicated wage and hour laws, and are broken up into distinct sections that highlight where mistakes most frequently occur.

Wage and hour lawsuits are some of the most frequently litigated employment matters in the state of California. By failing to prepare your managers for the challenges they are likely to face from Plaintiffs’ attorneys and employees, you are putting your high-level employees at a significant disadvantage. Now that those employees can be held personally liable for wage and hour violations, arming them with education is a protection they deserve. With the recent changes in the law, now is the perfect time to review your policies and procedures and schedule training for your managers, officers, and directors that will keep them from making mistakes that could leave them personally lighter in the wallet.

Syntrio is committed to helping employers avoid the costly mistakes (and litigation) that are associated with complicated areas of employment law. We are also able to custom-tailor our courses to fit the needs of your business. Contact for more information about our wage and hour courses for management and remember to follow on TwitterGoogle Plus and LinkedIn for daily updates on compliance issues that may impact your business!


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