How Not to Be Persuaded




Saying yes to bribery and corruption is not something someone intentionally does to harm the company. It is usually as a result of them being ‘persuaded’ (using the 6 principles outlined in this video) to do something that they wouldn’t ordinarily do. It is so important that when we ask our people to say no to bribery and corruption, that we educate them with the proper tools to do so. Knowledge is that tool.

DURATION: 4:06 minutes


  • Learner realizes that the issues that they need to deal with in compliance are actually very similar to the ones that impact their personal life. As such, they take more of an active interest in their behaviours when it comes to integrity.
  • Learner learns something that interests them and is of value to them in their personal life and therefore realizes that other compliance training may also be useful for them personally.
  • Learner learns the different methods used people use to persuade others and also learns ways to counter these methods.



How Not to Be Persuaded






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