Illinois has just outdone New York and California in creating the most comprehensive sexual harassment training requirement in the country. Senate Bill 75 would require employers to provide annual sexual harassment training prevention to all employees working within the state.

While more will be released in the near future, there are a few inclusions that we know at this point:

Training Every Year
Illinois will require employers to train all of their employees at least once a year.

Higher than Average Penalties
Penalties can range from $500 for a first offense for a very small employer to $5000 for a third offense for an employer with 4 or more employees.

Industry-Specific Training
Owners and managers of restaurants and bars in Illinois are required to provide training that is specific to that industry.


We expect that clarification and recommendations will be formalized in the coming months including:

  • An explanation of sexual harassment consistent with Illinois State Law
  • Examples of conduct that constitutes unlawful sexual harassment
  • A summary of relevant federal and state statutory provisions concerning sexual harassment, including remedies available to victims
  • A summary of responsibilities of employers in the prevention, investigation and corrective measures of harassment

Syntrio, a leading provider of online ethics and compliance learning solutions, is constantly developing new courses (and updating old ones) to address emerging compliance issues, such as this new Illinois sexual harassment training requirement, that help you stay ahead of the curve.

Our courses and services ensure that your organization’s employees are knowledgeable about the laws, regulations, and policies that impact their work.

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Our Illinois-specific training course will follow the same format as our other multi-state and state-specific harassment training courses.


  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Sexual Harassment Impacts Everyone
  • Module 3: What is Sexual Harassment?
  • Module 4: Types of Sexual Harassment
  • Module 5: Sexual Harassment in Context
  • Module 6: Other Forms of Workplace Harassment (Managers Only)
  • Module 7: Preventing Abusive Conduct
  • Module 8: Dealing with Harassment
  • Module 9: Remedies
  • Module 10: Conclusion & Company Policy


  • A detailed explanation of what constitutes sexual harassment at work under Illinois law
  • Examples of conduct that constitutes sexual harassment in Illinois
  • Information on state and federal laws concerning sexual harassment and the remedies available for victims to seek
  • Prevention tactics for managers


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