Health and Safety for Managers

workplace safety training

Managing Workplace Safety and Health

Supervisors are responsible for the safety of their employees. Besides their legal and moral responsibilities, supervisors also have an obligation to protect their company from expensive workplace accidents. This workplace health and safety training course will teach supervisors how they can protect their employees while supporting the company‘s Environmental, Health and Safety policies.

AUDIENCE: Managers, supervisors and ESH personnel
DURATION: 45 minutes

Managing Substance Abuse in the Workplace: Manager Edition

More than 70 percent of illicit drug users actually hold down part- or full-time jobs. Substance abuse in the workplace causes serious damage to productivity, as well as increased health-care costs, thefts and the risk of accidents. Our management courses emphasize that managers need to be aware of this critical and current concern and what they can do to reduce it. Maintaining a Drug-Free Workplace: Manager’s Edition is a workplace health and safety training course that outlines the realities behind substance abuse in the workplace; the benefits of keeping the workplace drug-free and how managers can proactively assist in achieving a drug-free workplace.

AUDIENCE: Managers and Supervisors
DURATION: 45 minutes

Preventing Workplace Violence

Unfortunately, workplace violence has become an important safety and health issue in the workplace today. Homicide is the second leading cause of fatal occupational injury in the United States and is the leading cause of occupational fatalities among women. This course uses OSHA guidelines and recommendations to reduce worker exposures to this hazard. This workplace health and safety training course provides the employee with information on how to recognize workplace security hazards and risk factors, measures to prevent workplace assaults, and what to do when an assault occurs including emergency action and post-emergency procedures.

AUDIENCE: All employees
DURATION: 30 minutes

Introduction into Accident Investigation

Accidents occur every day in workplaces all over the United States. The goal of this management course is to prevent the recurrence of accidents by discovering not only what happened, but also how and why the accident happened. Upon completion of this workplace health and safety training course, learners will be able to identify: the goal of accident investigation, the difference between major and minor accidents, direct, indirect, and root causes of accidents, and basic steps in accident investigation.

AUDIENCE: Managers and supervisors who have safety responsibilities for accident prevention
DURATION: 45 minutes

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