Workplace Safety

Environment, Safety and Health @ Work

This workplace safety training course discusses Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) information that new employees need to know in their new position. Upon completion of this workplace health and safety training course, employees will be familiar with their company’s EH&S policy and procedures, their roles and responsibilities related to ESH, and general safety precautions related to their work environment. Employees will know what to do in case of an emergency, how to properly report and investigate an accident, and the training requirements for their job task.

AUDIENCE: All employees, especially new hires
DURATION: 45 minutes

Managing Workplace Safety and Health

Supervisors are responsible for the safety of their employees. Besides their legal and moral responsibilities, supervisors also have an obligation to protect their company from expensive workplace accidents. This workplace safety training course will teach supervisors how they can protect their employees while supporting the company’s Environmental, Health and Safety polices.

AUDIENCE: Managers, supervisors and ESH personnel
DURATION: 45 minutes

Hearing Conservation: Protecting Yourself from Hearing Loss

The ability to hear is an important communication tool, and one that is often taken for granted. Exposure to high levels of noise can result in permanent hearing damage if proper ear protection is not taken. This workplace health and safety training course will teach employees what noise is, the sources of noise, the harmful effects of noise, how to measure noise levels and hearing damage, and how to choose and properly wear hearing protection.

AUDIENCE: Employees exposed to loud noise at work
DURATION: 45 minutes

Respiratory Protection

Respiratory protection, or the use of respirators, can protect employees from a multitude of respiratory hazards that include chemical, biological and radiological agents as well as oxygen-deficient atmospheres. After taking this workplace safety training course, employees will be aware of the types of respirators and when to use them, the capabilities and limitations of respirators and the medical requirements for using respirators. Employees will also learn how to fit test and leak test respirators and their proper care and maintenance procedures.

AUDIENCE: Employees who may be exposed to airborne contaminants
DURATION: 45 minutes

Laboratory Safety

This workplace health and safety training course examines workplace safety in laboratory environments, including health hazards, exposures, physical hazards, hazard recognition, exposure controls and emergency procedures. This course also includes optional sections on biological hazards. The workplace safety training course will assist employers in meeting the training requirements of 29 CFR 1910.1450, Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories. When employees complete this healthy and safety training course, they will understand the physical and health hazards of materials commonly used in laboratories. They will also understand the methods and observations that may be used to detect the presence or release of a hazardous material and understand exposure control measures.

AUDIENCE: Research laboratory personnel
DURATION: 60 minutes

Electrical Safety Awareness

This workplace safety training course is designed to present an overview of electrical energy and the hazards of systems operating at 50-600 Volts, as well as workplace practices to prevent injuries, fires and arc flashes. This workplace health and safety training course will assist employers in meeting the training requirements of 29 CFR 1910, Subpart S, and the regulation that allows only a “qualified person” to work on or test energized electric circuit parts or equipment that carry more than 50 volts of electricity.

AUDIENCE: Workers who may be exposed to or work with electrical equipment on the job
DURATION: 60 minutes

Radiation Safety

New employees will learn about ionizing and non-ionizing radiation in the workplace. This workplace safety training module teaches the health hazards that may be presented by radiation producing industrial equipment and how to control workplace exposure to radiation through safe handling. Note that this workplace safety training course does not cover radioactive isotope usage.

AUDIENCE: Workers in facilities with radiation-producing industrial equipment.
DURATION: 30 minutes

Radioisotope Safety

Radiation exposure from use of radioactive materials can cause adverse health effects. Using exposure controls and following safe work practices help minimize radiation exposures and prevent radiation contamination of work areas and equipment. After completing this workplace health and safety training course, learners will be able to identify safety issues associated with radioisotopes commonly used in the laboratory environment, describe health hazards associated with radiation, identify exposure control methods and monitoring techniques, and follow appropriate emergency procedures.

AUDIENCE: All employees who work around radioisotopes commonly used in a laboratory environment
DURATION: 45 minutes

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