On any day you could face the unexpected. Preparing for the unexpected can be key to surviving.

Workplaces are prone to many different risks. Emergencies are unexpected, often chaotic events when rational thinking often does not prevail. In recent years, the US has faced a proliferation of workplace-intruder incidents due to several factors, including domestic problems spilling into work, worker revenge, mental instability, and terrorism.

Just as workplaces prepare for fires with emergency drills, employees also can ready themselves for other emergencies such as workplace intruders. When emotions risk overshadowing a careful response, employees can best prevent, mitigate, or protect themselves from violent incidents through preparation.

This course explores the need for workplace intruder preparation, ways to prevent and deescalate possible violent situations, and how employees can prepare to invoke the Run, Hide, Fight model advocated by US governmental agencies such as DHS, FEMA, and the FBI. It also addresses what individuals should do in the aftermath of such an incident.

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Our new Workplace Intruder training course utilizes the popular framework: Run, Hide, Fight.


  • Indicate the signs of a distressed coworkers who may be prone to violence.
  • Define the framework to run, hide, or fight in the event of an intruder.
  • Provide examples of how best to follow law enforcement’s and emergency responders’ direction.
  • List ways to help others who are injured from an intruder event.
  • Indicate how best to take care of yourself following an intruder event.


  • The risk of workplace intruders to personal safety
  • Preventing workplace violence
  • Preparing for a workplace intruder
  • Responding to law enforcement or emergency responders
  • Taking care of others and yourself


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