Gifts and Benefits: The Sponsorship Games




Sponsorships are a great way to promote your company’s business and create marketing and communication opportunities. But sponsorships can also be a serious issue for a company if they are used to disguise a bribe. You have been chosen to play in the Sponsorship Games. Your task is to successfully secure a commercially sound and compliant sponsorship deal with a football team Cobra United. Throw the dice and see where you land. You then have the choice whether to move on and roll again or take a pass.

LENGTH: 4:12 Minutes


  • Learners understand that sponsorships can be good and be bad for their company.
  • Learner understands what a sponsorship is and that you must consider the circumstances and not just the title
  • Learner understands the need to go through a proper process to consider the integrity case and not just the business case.
  • Learner understands the importance of speaking with legal and compliance early on in the process to avoid disappointment later.
  • Learner learns the ‘golden rules’ of sponsorships:
    • Do not offer or give sponsorships to influence a business decision or obtain a favour.
    • Sponsorships must be transparent and there must be sufficient documentation in place to stand up to public scrutiny.
    • Sponsorships must be justified by a legitimate business reason.




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