Study Finds Extremely High Rates of Campus Sexual Assault

A January 2016 study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics revealed that during the 2014-2015 school year a shocking 10.3 percent of women surveyed at the undergraduate level had been victims of sexual assault. The sample size of women included 15,000 female students from nine different universities. According to the findings of the survey it is clear that campuses have a long way to go with respect to reducing and eliminating the number of sexually violent crimes and incidents of violence towards women on their campuses.

Scott Berkowitz, President of the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network (“RAINN”) called the survey findings “alarming” in an interview with Yahoo! News, and noted that insights gained by the study revealed that rates of sexual assault among non-heterosexual female students were “significantly higher” than among heterosexual students. On a somewhat positive note for the potential reduction of these incidents, Berkowitz also mentioned the study showed that the rates of assault at the school with the worst statistics were five times higher than that with the best, which showed that prevention programs, strong leadership, and holding offenders accountable has a significant effect on the number of assaults on a particular campus.

Surveys such as the one conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics are mandatory as part of the Campus Accountability and Safety Act (“SaVE”), which seeks to provide greater protections for students and employees on college and university campuses who are at increased risk of sexual assault. In addition to mandatory statistics reporting, Campus SaVE also requires education and training aimed at reducing the number of assaults on campuses across the country. Since Congress enacted the Campus SaVE legislation in fall 2014 campuses have scrambled to implement more detailed training programs in order to comply with the Act’s requirements.

Prior to Congress enacting Campus SaVE, Syntrio began formulating a training program aimed at reducing the incidents of violence against women on college campuses. Syntrio’s Campus Aware online training program is designed to meet the mandatory requirements of Campus SaVE, and addresses Title IX concerns. It also addresses important subjects including sexual harassment and violence, consent, and bystander intervention. The material also instructs members of the campus community to how to respond to and prevent sexual violence.

Syntrio is committed to helping colleges and universities avoid the disasters associated with sexually violent incidents occurring on campus. We are also able to custom-tailor our courses to fit the needs of your institution.  Contact for more information about our prevention of campus violence courses member to follow us on Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn for daily updates on ethics and compliance issues that may impact your institution!


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