5 Reasons Why Online Courses are a Good Choice for Ethics and Compliance Training

As an important component of an effective ethics and compliance training program, companies must find engaging and cost-effective ways to ensure employees are up to date with legal standards and organizational policies. In many ways, online training is an ideal medium for ethics and compliance training.  Here are five reasons why: 

Anytime/Anywhere Access 

Ethics and compliance is “must-have” training so ensuring that all employees have access to the training whenever they have the opportunity to complete it helps ensure full and timely compliance. Anywhere access also ensures that all employees, regardless of physical location, can take training. With near universal access to computers or tablets, online training is an ideal solution for reaching remote and/or global workers. 

Cost Effectiveness 

Online training can significantly reduce training costs. For large scale or enterprise-wide training initiatives, the cost savings are magnified as large groups of learners can be accommodated at low marginal costs. 

Consistent Content 

Centrally developed and updated content helps ensure that training material is thorough and accurate and that a consistent message is delivered to all participants. For ethics and compliance training, this is especially important.  

Automated Tracking/Auditing  

In addition to promoting an ethical and legally complaint business and work environment, being able to prove that the organization was diligent in training employees in ethics and compliance is essential for defending against allegations of negligence if violations and/or misconduct occur. Online training is automatically tracked allowing for targeted remediation, identification of non-compliance, ease of auditing. 

Engaging/Interactive Delivery 

High speed access and multimedia technologies allow for the development of engaging and interactive online training content. Depending on the subject matter, budget, and timeframe for delivery the optimal combination of rich media, ease-of-access and learner interaction can be achieved.  

Online Training Highly Effective When “Blended” with Other Forms of Training 

Perhaps online training is most effective when used in concert with, rather than in place of other traditional forms of training. Where opportunities allow other forms of training to be paired with online content in a “blended training” approach, this is highly effective for ethics and compliance topics as it allows coaches to focus on areas of concern. 


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