Ethical Decision Making




Each day we make thousands of decisions. Some of these decisions are inconsequential but others can have a huge impact on our personal life and our work life. Neuroscience tells us that the brain considers various sources of information before making a decision. But how does it do this? And why does the process sometimes go amiss, causing us to make decisions that can lead to risky, unethical and potentially dangerous outcomes? This training helps understand how we make decisions, so we can use this information to make the best decisions possible.

DURATION: 4:36 minutes


  • Learners understand the decision making process and appreciates that this may sometimes go amiss and cause us to make erroneous decisions.
  • Learners learn that poor decision-making can come from incorrect causal connections, bias optimism, retaining the wrong information and unhelpful sensory information around us.
  • Learners learn that they can make ethical decisions through self evaluation and ensuring that they have the right people and information in their environment.



Ethical Decision Making






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