Employment Discrimination and Harassment

Discrimination and harassment training never used to be a focus of companies, both large and small. Most businesses would implement a discrimination and harassment policy and would use then hire and fire employees “at will,” never fearing repercussion.

In recent years the script has changed. The EEOC has routinely reported that harassment and discrimination training using eLearning methods containing practical scenarios are an essential means of preventing workplace harassment and all forms of discrimination.

Syntrio has long understood that training employees on the prevention of workplace harassment and discrimination has a significant impact on business’ bottom line. We offer a comprehensive library of online discrimination and harassment training courses intended to promote lawful employment practices and foster a more respectful work environment.

Click on the following links to learn more about the specific employment discrimination training courses and workplace harassment courses Syntrio offers.

California Workplace Harassment Training for Supervisors & Managers

Comply with California’s mandatory FEHA sexual harassment training and workplace harassment training requirements (AB1825), including training on prevention of abusive conduct in the workplace (AB2053) and the prevention of harassment based on gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation (SB 396).

Workplace Harassment

Syntrio’s workplace harassment training courses include manager and employee versions to help your business comply with the law.

Sexual Harassment

Online sexual harassment training courses are fully customizable to meet the needs of your business and are available to provide training on sexual harassment law and sex harassment prevention techniques to managers and employees.

Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination eLearning courseware is available including engaging scenarios and activities to teach the user the pitfalls of employment discrimination in the workforce.

Disability Discrimination and Accommodation

This thought-provoking disability discrimination training course teaches the user the risks of failing to follow disability discrimination laws. A key facet includes the requirement that companies provide reasonable accommodation to disabled workers. Reasonable accommodation training is critical to avoiding disability discrimination claims.


Federal Government Harassment and Discrimination

Syntrio understands the special needs of government contractors. Therefore, we have developed specialized courseware for workplace harassment training and employment discrimination training that is focused on the special requirements the law imposes on government contractors.

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