Employee Privacy

Employers must take care to achieve a balance between their need-to-know and employees' right to freedom from undue intrusion into their personal lives. Achieving privacy in the workplace becomes increasingly difficult as technology advances have created many new opportunities for invasion of privacy and blurred the lines between work and personal lives.

Our online employee privacy training program teaches managers how to avoid litigation for invasion-of-privacy, discrimination, or defamation claims, when from time-to-time they must consider drug testing, searches, discussion of an employee’s behavior, or examination of an employee’s online or after-hour activities.

Course Details:

Audience: HR, Managers and Supervisors
Length: 30 minutes

Topics Covered:

  • Avoiding invasion of privacy claims
  • Appropriate use of drug and alcohol testing
  • When you can search employee possessions or files
  • Principles of libel and slander in workplace
  • When after-hours activities can be considered in work-related decisions

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