Employee Discipline

For an organization to run smoothly and efficiently, managers must be able to effectively train, motivate, direct, and correct the behavior of employees. Most people will readily conform to reasonable rules of conduct and standards of performance as long as they understand what is expected of them. In situations where this is not the case, discipline is a means to correct problem behavior and misconduct. For many managers, discipline in an unpleasant responsibility.

Our online employee discipline training program teaches managers to use progressive discipline to correct problem behavior and maintain a productive, responsive workforce, while also protecting the company from liability. This program can also be effective as part of an employee management training program.

Course Details:

Audience: HR, managers and supervisors
Length: 45 minutes

Topics Covered:

  • The purpose of employee discipline
  • Formal versus informal disciplinary techniques
  • The importance of fair and equal treatment in employee discipline
  • Factors that should be considered in determining what disciplinary action is appropriate
  • Corrective discipline and its progressive steps
  • How to investigate and document disciplinary actions
  • Effective disciplinary meetings

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