Ethics and HR Compliance Courses

Syntrio’s online courses are designed to address the most pressing and broadly applicable business ethics and HR compliance training issues. Each customizable course provides practical guidance on employment laws and other legal and ethical concerns that may arise in the workplace.

Essential training to manage business and employment risk.

Ethics and Code of Conduct

A series of highly customizable courses on general ethics, Code of Conduct, and other key business compliance topics, intended to communicate organizational values and foster commitment to ethical and legal business practice.

Discrimination and Harassment Training

Discrimination and harassment prevention intended to promote lawful employment practices and foster a more respectful work environment. Online training programs designed to prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Diversity and Respect

Courses for managers and employees that touch on a range of issues related to creating a respectful work environment. From the benefits of valuing diversity and fostering a culture of inclusion to preventing the negative impacts of bullying, threatening or abusive behaviors.

Managing Within the Law

A comprehensive selection of courses covering the legal aspects of day-to-day management decisions and responsibilities.

Data Privacy

A series of courses addressing industry-specific data privacy and security laws as well as best practices for addressing the legal and ethical aspects of personal data protection.

Campus Essentials

Syntrio’s campus-based harassment and discrimination courses are aimed at reducing the incidence of campus violence while maintaining compliance with various state and federal laws.

Health and Safety Categories

Courses covering the most broadly applicable training topics and cited violations. Courses are clear, concise and customizable, with scenarios and interactive exercises that help employees apply and retain what they have learned.

Customization Options

If you have training needs that are not covered in our library, we can build you a custom course from scratch.

For a brief description of our courses, click on the Syntrio Course Catalog for an immediate download.