Valuing Diversity

Our Valuing Diversity programs explore the realities of diversity in the workplace and discuss the importance of accepting and valuing individual differences. Through engaging discussion and thoughtful scenarios, learners are encouraged to assess their own behavior and biases toward people who are different from themselves and develop an understanding of the benefits of changing negative attitudes and resistance into appreciation and mutual respect.

Available Courses in this Training Series

Valuing Diversity: Manager EditionValuing Diversity:
Manager Edition 

Duration: 40 minutes
Audience: All employees

In order to realize the greatest competitive advantage and retain the most qualified employees, companies must make an effort to ensure that a diverse population of employees is fully represented and that a culture of inclusion and respect is promoted and maintained. This course discusses the advantages and pitfalls of working in and managing a diverse workforce. It also offers strategies to help managers recognize and value individual differences so as to maximize the potential of all employees.

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Valuing Diversity: Employee Edition

Valuing Diversity: Employee Edition 

Duration: 30 minutes
Audience: All employees

This program explores the realities of working in a diverse environment and discusses strategies to help you recognize, accept, and value individual differences in your workplace. Users will learn about the concept of diversity and how to recognize diversity issues that can lead to legal liability under anti-discrimination and harassment laws. Also covered are the positive steps that can be taken to embrace diversity and promote a culture of inclusion in the workplace.

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Rich with scenarios, case studies, and interactive exercises

Optional audio (narration)

Built-in delivery and tracking using Syntrio's learning management system (LMS), or launch our courses from any standards-conforming, third-party LMS

Mastery quiz with scoring options test learner understanding of the material discussed

Mentoring feature allows students to direct questions at any time via e-mail to a subject matter expert within the organization

Options to customize course content and design including logo, policies, procedures and executive introduction