Data Protection Training: Don’t “Cheat” Your Employees

The past few weeks have revealed an avalanche of information stemming from the data hack of infidelity website During the information release the public learned the names and email addresses of celebrities and private persons suspected of using Ashley Madison’s site to seek partners for extramarital affairs. There is a large debate as to the propriety of the information release, given that the behavior encouraged was morally suspicious (to say the least). Nevertheless, the Ashley Madison hack raises further questions about the need for protecting customer and employee data in the business world. Indeed, this critical element of office safety is something many employees and managers know little about, and can derive great benefits from participating in online data protection training.

How Frequently do Data Hacks Occur?

The advent of the technological revolution in the past 25 years has brought significantly greater risks of exposure in the workplace. Indeed, cyber criminals are seeking to infiltrate company data on a much greater scale. Take for example the customer data hack that occurred at Target. By failing to properly encrypt data, Target released the personal and credit card information of millions of customers (paying a substantial public relations hit in the process). Add to that Sony’s PlayStation Network and others, and you see how high profile hacks are becoming a near-weekly occurrence. For this reason it is extremely important to train your managers and employees on data protection in an effort to A) prevent attacks (to the greatest extent possible); and B) maintain the ability to honestly state you have done everything possible to prevent an attack in the event one occurs.

How do Data Hacks Happen?

Hackers have highly sophisticated methods of “phishing” for data and infiltrating the advanced systems business use to store consumer and employee data. Essentially these hacks become a game for the hackers, with their endgame either being financial game or simply public notoriety (even though they like to remain anonymous). According to a recent study, 81% of large corporations and 60% of small businesses reported a cyber attack in 2014. Regardless of the exact method used to hack into the data, it is increasingly important to do all that you can to protect your business from an attack occurring and know what to do in the event one does occur.

Data Protection Training is at the Cutting Edge

Syntrio’s Data Protection courses review the relevant laws associated with cyber security and use real-life and hypothetical scenarios to show our clients the ways attacks happen, and how to prevent them. Indeed, Syntrio offers a full range of industry-specific courses addressing privacy and cyber-security laws. Our courses teach the best practices for addressing the legal and ethical aspects of data protection for your employees and managers.

Syntrio is committed to helping companies of all sizes maintain the highest possible data protection standards, and is willing to custom tailor a course to meet the needs of your company.  Contact for more information about our online data protection courses and remember to follow us on TwitterGoogle Plus and LinkedIn for daily updates on employment law and compliance issues that may impact your organization!


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