Built-In Customizations

Our online Ethics and HR Compliance training programs feature built-in customization options for honing key content, as well as tailoring the look and configuration settings for navigation and scoring grades.

Customize any course with your logo

Course Content

In addition to policies and procedures, which can always be customized, some other aspects of our HR compliance training programs may require a custom touch to give them relevance to their intended audience. We’ve tried to identify those situations and added built-in customization options to allow clients to adjust the content to match their organization. The end-result: More effective, custom-feeling HR online courses at off-the-shelf prices.

Course Branding

Give HR online courses a custom look and feel by adding your organization’s logo to every page. You can also add an executive introduction, in text or video, to welcome learners and emphasize the importance of the HR compliance training to the organization.

Course Configuration

Depending on the nature of the content, individual HR online courses can be set up to behave in a way that best serves each client’s HR compliance training or compliance goals. You can dictate the way course quizzes are structured and how and when they are scored to a learner’s transcript as well as how the course is navigated. An optional “mentor” feature and other administration tools can also be enabled or shut off on a course-by-course basis.