Make it Your Own

While off-the-shelf employee training programs make the most sense for many topics, our clients often have business or compliance training goals that are specific to the organization. For these projects, our Custom E-Learning Development Team can help with customized training solutions.

Taking into consideration, the nature of the training, desired length, and availability of existing content along with the project timeline and budget, we will propose, plan, develop, and implement an e-learning solution that meets your needs.

Recent Custom Projects

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training for Health Care Practitioners

Objective: As part of a Workers’ Compensation, disability and leave reduction effort, a series of customized training solutions were designed to teach affiliated health care practitioners to use CBT principles to improve medical outcomes of injured employees and shorten time away from work.
Description: A series of 30-minute employee training programs combining text, graphics and audio with interactive elements.

Ethics Training for Public Employees in County Government

Objective: Addressing a requirement that all County employees receive a comprehensive employee training program on Standards of Conduct and the importance of ethics in public service.
Description: This 3-hour customized training solution combined streaming video segments with interactive exercises and assessments.

Training Guide for Medical Device Users

Objective: Designed to train end-users on the science and operating procedures related to an innovative medical device.
Description: This 1-hour customized training solution combined embedded animated videos with interactive exercises and assessments.

Tablet-Based Cultural Sensitivity Training

Objective: Designed to provide a customized training solution for employees of a major retail company for international travel to remote and culturally diverse regions.
Description: Ease-of-access and mobile compatibility were drivers in this employee training program that featured narrated animations and interactive scenarios.