Corrupt Casino: Part 1




Corrupt Casino. The place where people come to realize that taking your chances in bribery and corruption rarely pay off.

Each time the wheel lands, you learn a different real life story and the behaviours and justifications that landed them in ‘hot water’. This training concentrates on ‘entitlement’, ‘it will never happen to me’ and ‘they should have known better’.

DURATION: 4:00 minutes


  • Learners understand that if you bribe you are taking a gamble.
  • Learner understands the types of bribes that are most common and the methods people use to conceal bribe payments, such as overcharging for supplies, lavish gifts, and other luxury items.
  • Learner understands that there is no ‘entitlement’ to win a contract: this is not a justification to bribe.
  • Learners understand that anti-bribery training is important and “I didn’t know” isn’t a good enough excuse.



Corrupt Casino: Part 1






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