Specialist Topics


Antitrust: What’s Driving Competition?

Where once unlawful practices to fix prices, or other terms, took place in ‘smoke filled rooms’, now they can arise in many different ways. Through his prison sell, Ron tells the story of his demise from a car hire company dealer to prison. He shows us the different ways he tried to breach antitrust laws and takes us through the different competitors he dealt with.

DURATION: 5:55 minutes


Data Privacy: Through the Privacy Keyhole

Everyday, tens of thousands of people trust businesses with their personal data. Everyone likes their privacy, and wants to know what their private information is being used for. In order to avoid any nasty surprises, it is critical that data, which can identify a person, is processed properly and kept safe. In this training you will learn how to comply with your legal obligations and respect the people who trust you with their private information.

DURATION: 4:10 minutes


Data Privacy: Cool or Creepy

What does data privacy mean to you?

DURATION: 5:20 minutes


Insider Trading: Inside Date

Insider trading can have serious consequences. This training provides a lively look at insider trading through the eyes of 2 people on their first date. What is the guy so interested in revealing? Lucky the girl is ready with her list of recent cases so she can educate her date. Seems like he may not feel like the dessert after all.

DURATION: 5:40 minutes


International Trade Controls: A Shipment of Errors

This training is important if you send products to customers overseas. You want to ensure that your product arrives with minimum disruption whilst remaining in full compliance with all applicable export, import and sanctions laws. Join us on a journey of a product from production to shipment to end user to learn the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.

DURATION: 5:50 minutes


Workplace Bullying and Harassment: Harassed at Work

Workplace bullying and harassment can take many forms, including sexual harassment, ostracizing, undermining and other subtle forms. People may not realize the impact their behavior could have on others. Our workplace superhero takes us on a journey to show bullying and harassment from both the perspective of the victim, the harasser and an onlooker and looks at different range of responses to help prevent it.

DURATION: 5:20 minutes

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