Ethical Integrity & Behaviors


Justification Island: Part 1

The place good people go to make bad decisions. We all justify our actions, but what happens when these justifications collide with legal, societal and company ethics? The first part in this 5 part video series is here and introduces you to Robin Hood Point, The Playground, Model Beach, the Olympic Zone.

DURATION: 1:20 minutes

Justification Island: Part 2

Welcome to Robin Hood Point. This is the place people go to justify their wrong actions on the basis they are helping others: “I did it to support my family”; “My employees need to keep their jobs”; “My manager asked me to support him”; Watch this video and find out more.

DURATION: 1:50 minutes

Justification Island: Part 3

Welcome to the Playground. Learning to ‘fit in’ and ‘social norms’ do not stop when we leave School. In fact, at work it gets worse. Now we have greater reasons to be accepted and validated for what we do; these range from financial, to status, to credibility, to security and to the all-important emotional need to feel worthwhile. After all, many people’s self image is linked to their success at work. Watch this video to find out more.

DURATION: 1:15 minutes

Justification Island: Part 4

Welcome to Model Beach. Most human behavior is learned through modeling, which we then reproduce in our own behavior. However, this can be dangerous if we observe unethical behaviors of others at work and reproduce them ourselves. Watch this video to find out more.

DURATION: 1:40 minutes

Justification Island: Part 5

Welcome to the Olympic Zone. This is the zone we want to see most people in. This is the tried and tested methods of athletes: they consider and visualize the long-term outcomes of improvement in their performance and the pain of losing or not improving. They have the end in mind, rather than just a short-term outcome. This is precisely what we need to do in the workplace. People need to understand the long-term outcomes of good behavior versus bad behavior rather than their current instant justifications. In short, people need better justifications.

DURATION: 1:30 minutes

Justification Island: Part 6

Welcome to the Time Pressure Reef. Human behavior as it is effected when one is under pressure. How does it effect our decision making?

DURATION: 3:00 minutes

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