Conflict of Interest: From Home to Work?

People often imagine conflicts of interests as something to be avoided, but these can happen without anyone being at fault. Problems only arise where conflicts of interest are kept hidden. If you disclose a conflict of interest, no matter how small, it ceases to be a problem. This training explains how and when to disclose a conflict using a number of scenarios that regularly arise in companies.

DURATION: 4:35 minutes


Behaviors: Careful What You Approve

When you are asked to sign and approve, how closely do you check? Learn how one simple action can have a knock on effect that can flood you, your colleagues and your company with consequences.

DURATION: 2:00 minutes


Careful Communication: For Your Ears Only

In a world where we communicate so quickly and in so many ways, we need to be ensure we avoid communicating sensitive information to the wrong people. We need to be careful around your communication when it comes to your work. If the wrong people hear classified or private information, there could be serious consequences. Through various examples you will see how critical it is that you are careful about who you are communicating company information to.

DURATION: 5:15 minutes


Communication: It’s Good to Talk

The importance of reporting and speaking up about legal issues is critical. As much as a company likes to audit, monitor, ask questions and check, it cannot know about everything that happens all the time to ensure their policies are followed. It is, therefore, important that people not only follow the policies but also communicate when policies are not followed. In particular, when there is an actual or suspected issue relating to: Bribery and corruption, human rights, discrimination, bullying, harassment, fraud, conflict of interest, and price fixing.

DURATION: 3:15 minutes


Compliance Program: What Ebenezer Scrooge can Teach us About Compliance?

Through the well-known story of Scrooge and the ghosts of past, present and future, you will learn the reasons why compliance training and procedures are essential to a successful workplace. You will be taken on a journey through three examples of compliance issues – the reporting hotline, bribery and corruption, and compliance training. Anyone will be a reformed character after watching this.

DURATION: 4:50 minutes


Compliance Training: Non-Retaliation

The crossroads between doing nothing and doing something!

DURATION: 3:50 minutes


Ethics and Integrity: Ethical Decision Making

Each day we make thousands of decisions. Some of these decisions are inconsequential but others can have a huge impact on our personal life and our work life. Neuroscience tells us that the brain considers various sources of information before making a decision. But how does it do this? And why does the process sometimes go amiss, causing us to make decisions that can lead to risky, unethical and potentially dangerous outcomes? This training helps understand how we make decisions, so we can use this information to make the best decisions possible.

DURATION: 4:35 minutes


Ethics and Integrity: Integrity Part 1

A thought provoking, highly praised video about what integrity means and how to act with integrity. This video is exceptionally impactful and using powerful music and messages stresses the importance of ethics and morals in our work life.

DURATION: 1:45 minutes


Ethics and Integrity: Integrity Part 2

This training asks what does integrity mean to you? Using the theme of a moral compass to guide us, we learn the many different ways people relate to integrity in their personal life, business, leadership and their rules. We also learn the reason why we need policies and procedures.

DURATION: 1:15 minutes


Fraud and Corruption: It Never Happened

We all know that there is an entertainment industry out there dedicated to creating things that never happened. But did you know that there is an entirely different industry creating and selling real life situations that never happened. Situations such as: travel that never happened; entertainment that was never used; accommodation that was never slept in; The problem is that life is not make-believe. If we pay for situations that never actually happened, then where is the money really going?

DURATION: 5:05 minutes


Here’s to the Ethical Ones

Here’s to the ethical ones. The ones that don’t take shortcuts The ones that are open to feedback. The ones that develop the ethical capacity of their subordinate leaders. The ones that behave the same all the time: are authentic in all facets. The ones that treat everyone equally.

DURATION: 1:25 minutes


Reporting: Speak Smart

It is essential that people speak up about anything that concerns them at work. This training succinctly and cleverly sets out who to report to, when to report and how to report.

DURATION: 1:39 minutes

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