Bribery & Corruption


Richard Bistrong: Why We Say Yes

For the first time ever, a full feature length animated film featuring Richard Bistrong as you have never seen him before. Learn the true story of how Richard went from successful businessman to a criminal in prison for bribery and corruption. Hear from Richard about the mistakes he made and learn about the behaviors, environment and the beliefs that shaped his downfall. Also hear from the Chief of the United Nations Procurement Task Force, Robert Appleton, who eventually uncovered Richard’s illegal conduct and shared his findings with the US Justice Department. This is a real life story, told by the actual individuals, not to be missed. DURATION: 8:15 minutes



People think ‘it will never happen to me’. But in reality, regulators around are on the lookout for a range of workplace crimes like bribery & corruption, insider dealing and fraud. Through well-known movie poster trailers, this training explores crimes and their consequences. DURATION: 4:00 minutes



Corrupt Casino: Part 1

Part 1: Corrupt Casino. The place where people come to realize that taking your chances in bribery and corruption rarely pay off. Each time the wheel lands, you learn a different real life story and the behaviors and justifications that landed them in ‘hot water’. This training concentrates on ‘entitlement’, ‘it will never happen to me’ and ‘they should have known better’. DURATION: 2:15 minutes

Corrupt Casino: Part 2

Part 2: Welcome back to Corrupt Casino. If you didn’t like your chances the first time, then see how you go when we look at the behaviors that led Avon, Alcoa and Siemens into serious trouble. DURATION: 2:00 minutes


Dumb Ways to Bribe

What does bribery actually mean? Follow David, a new manager, who is guided on a journey by a ‘corporate cowboy’ who tells him exactly what bribery means. DURATION: 6:30 minutes


How Not to Be Persuaded

Saying yes to bribery and corruption is not something someone intentionally does to harm the company. It is usually as a result of them being ‘persuaded’ (using the 6 principles outlined in this video) to do something that they wouldn’t ordinarily do. It is so important that when we ask our people to say no to bribery and corruption, that we educate them with the proper tools to do so. Knowledge is that tool. DURATION: 4:00 minutes


The Mechanics of ‘How to Say No’

Saying no is all about planning. Just like a mechanic fixes an engine, he needs to know what the problem is and apply the right tools, we need to do the same for saying no. Watch this training to learn how to say no to the big things by getting used to saying no to the small things. DURATION: 3:00 minutes


Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

You think you know the third parties you do business with. But what do you really know about them? A large part of doing business these days is about hiring contractors, consultants, third party agents and joint venture partners to help with your work. Although these people may not actually be company employees, they are held out to act for your company, so that regulators, the public, and other customers will be unable to tell the difference. Using the concept of a ‘house guest’ we introduce learners to the issues relating to third parties. DURATION: 2:15 minutes


Whose Decision is it Anyway?

Think you make your own decisions? Think again. There are clever, manipulative people out there trained in the art of helping you make decisions that you think you are making on your own. Watch this training to understand the persuasive ways that people try to make decisions for us. DURATION: 3:45 minutes


Case Studies in Bribery and Corruption Dilemmas: A Not-So-Charitable Contribution

Are you ready to play ‘Dilemmas’. You have one scenario, and two options. The first person to buzz in has the chance to win the Integrity Award! Hands on your buzzers. Let’s play ‘Dilemmas’! How would you react to a request from a government official, who will be granting your company a license, to make a donation into his favorite charity. DURATION: 1:25 minutes


Case Studies in Bribery and Corruption Dilemmas: Handing Off the Dirty Business

‘Dilemmas’. You have one scenario, and two options. The first person to buzz in has the chance to win the Integrity Award! You need to win a contract for your company. There is a lot of competition and you are worried someone else will win it. A colleague tells you to hire a third agent who will ‘deal with the situation’. What would you do? DURATION: 1:30 minutes


Case Studies in Bribery and Corruption Dilemmas: Negotiations with Benefits

‘Dilemmas’. You have one scenario, and two options. The first person to buzz in has the chance to win the Integrity Award! A lucrative contract with a client has come up and your boss tells you that you need to secure this contract by any means possible. The client hints they need ‘something more’ than the usual negotiations. What would you do? DURATION: 1:25 minutes


Bribery and Corruption Dilemmas: Paying a High Price for Customs

Dilemmas’. You have one scenario, and two options. The first person to buzz in has the chance to win the Integrity Award! You are in charge of a site in Singapore. It takes a long time to get items in and out of the country through customs. Your boss is pressuring you to speed up. You know that by making a simple payment to the customs officials this process will be much faster. What do you do? DURATION: 1:25 minutes


Case Studies in Bribery and Corruption Dilemmas: To Speak or Not To Speak?

Dilemmas’. You have one scenario, and two options. The first person to buzz in has the chance to win the Integrity Award! You’ve turned up at work and an official is there to inspect the site. There are some unsafe practices going on at the site, and you think that it might mean trouble. You see your boss give them a gift and a promise of entertainment that night if they turn a blind eye. What would you do? DURATION: 1:35 minutes


Gifts and Benefits: Who Benefits?

This lively, engaging training reveals the different ways that we are offered benefits in our everyday lives. Some benefits may be inconsequential and therefore are fine to accept, but some others could have serious repercussions. When you are asked to accept a small gift, what are you a really being asked? DURATION: 1:20 minutes


Gifts and Benefits: The Sponsorship Games

Sponsorships are a great way to promote your company’s business and create marketing and communication opportunities. But sponsorships can also be a serious issue for a company if they are used to disguise a bribe. You have been chosen to play in the Sponsorship Games. Your task is to successfully secure a commercially sound and compliant sponsorship deal with a football team Cobra United. Throw the dice and see where you land. You then have the choice whether to move on and roll again or take a pass. DURATION: 4:10 minutes

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