According to a recent study by independent research firm Edison Research, twenty-seven percent of women and fourteen percent of men claim they have been harassed at some time as an employee. Although women are far more likely to have experiences harassment in the workplace, this new study shows that harassment is a problem that impacts both men and women alike.

Additionally, although men are less likely to experience incidents of harassment at work, they are more likely to report those incidents. This leaves a great number of employees who are either too afraid to report harassment, fear retaliation for doing so, or are ashamed of its occurrence from feeling comfortable discussing these issues.

As such, this study confirmed that fifty-five percent of those who experienced harassment agreed that harassment negatively impacted their overall career, and half of those who responded said that sexual harassment caused them to change jobs.

The prevention of sexual harassment starts at the highest levels of an organization. Discussion among peers about this dangerous business environment leads to a greater openness at all levels of the organization. When we are open about our concerns and willing to share them with others there is a greater opportunity to use experiences collectively to best prevent incidents from occurring in our organizations.

We would like to give you the opportunity to join the discussion on these pertinent topics, and hear from your peers on possible methods for preventing organization-threatening incidents.


Chicago | The Langham | December 12, 2018

Syntrio’s Executive Breakfast & Discussion, Executive Insights into Building an Inclusive Corporate Culture,
is designed to be an intimate and informative conversation with their peers on the topic of harassment, discrimination and diversity as organizations strive to create an inclusive corporate culture, free of bias and preconceived notions.


7:30 Check-in, networking & breakfast
8:00 Welcome Message from Syntrio's CEO
Bette Tomaszewicz will introduce the discussion's moderators and subject matter experts.
8:05 Part One: Where are we now?
Identifying preconceived notions of diversity, inclusion & bias across organizations
9:00 Part Two: Where do we want to be?
Insights into what an inclusive corporate culture looks like and how to get there.
9:50 Summary
Conclusion of the discussion with actionable next steps for your organization.


Subject Matter Experts will be on hand to help facilitate the conversation throughout the session.
Some of the questions posed to the group as the conversation evolves could be:

What are the less obvious ways that harassment is manifested in the workplace?

Why has this problem gone relatively unaddressed for so long?

What is needed for leadership to demonstrate real commitment to this issue?

What does real commitment look like?

What can serve as critical steps to get a focus on harassment front and center?

How can a harassment-free workplace make a difference for employee engagement and a constructive culture?

What would it look like to have a fully engaged workforce? And what are the benefits?


You Are Here

Helping you define where your organization is on the path to an inclusive corporate culture.

Barriers to Inclusion

Highlighting ares that may be hindering your ability to create an inclusive corporate culture.

Harassment & Discrimintation

Looking into the evolution of the employment laws and current statistics.

Subject Matter Experts

Discussion moderation by Employment Law experts.

Peer-to-peer Communication

Learn from leaders in the room and leverage the experiences of others to achieve the culture you want at your company.

Define Your Next Steps

How can you take what you have learned and begin to solve the issues at your organization & create an inclusive corporate culture.

Assess your current company culture with guidance and moderation by our thought leaders and subject matter experts.


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Event Details

Date & Time:
Wednesday, December 12, 2018
8:00am - 10:00am
The Langham Chicago
330 N Wabash Ave
Chicago, IL 60611