Campus Violence needs to be at the Forefront of University Agenda

While much of recent media attention has been focused on racial tensions stemming from the racist chants of a University of Oklahoma fraternity member on board a bus, the fact remains that one of the most pressing issues facing members of campus communities is the prevention of sexually violent crimes, specifically those committed against women. Sadly, this is a growing problem that appears to receive the most coverage when a member of a university athletic team is involved. The problem is simply far more reaching than that.

With New Legislation Comes New Training Requirements

Last fall the Campus SaVE Act took effect. This legislation reforms the Jeanne Cleary Act and the Violence Against Women Act (“VAWA”). Key components of the Campus SaVE Act include a requirement that all students and employees receive education on the prevention of sexually violent crimes on campus, including domestic violence. If your institution is not already training all incoming students and employees on stalking, rape, date rape, domestic violence and other violent crimes it is time that you start.

Legislators Visiting Campuses to Survey Compliance

Members of the legislature have recently begun visiting campuses to survey compliance with the new requirements and promote the positive impact that SaVE’s new requirements will have on campus culture. Just last week U.S. Senator Kirsten Gllibrand hosted a discussion aimed at combating sexual violence on campuses in America. Indeed, as the problem of sexually related violence on campuses grows nationally more and more legislators are taking notice and making the reduction of this violence a key point of their agenda.

Syntrio’s Prevention of Campus Violence Course is Aimed at Reducing Violent Incidents on Campus

In addition to complying with the requirements of Campus SaVE, Syntrio has recently released an online training course that takes real-world scenarios and instructs students and university employees on how to avoid getting into a situation wherein abuse or violence may occur. Indeed, by educating members of the campus community on how to engage in bystander intervention and reliance on other members of the community we aim to help institutions prevent violent crimes before they occur.

When Crimes Occur on Campus the Entire Community is Impacted

When a woman is raped on campus or is a victim of a stalking incident a culture of fear is perpetuated within the entire community. Clearly the victims must be protected, but there is a far broader range of implications for the community as a whole. By educating students and employees on preventing these very incidents the community becomes more close knit and rallies around one another, thereby promoting a positive culture within the campus.

Syntrio’s representatives are ready to show you more about our new prevention of campus violence course. If you feel you would like a program tailored to your specific facility and specific issues therein we can create a custom course for you.  Contact for more information and remember to follow us on TwitterGoogle Plus and LinkedIn for daily updates on employment law and compliance issues that may impact your institution!


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