California Sexual Harassment Training Requirements May Soon Broaden

Always a leader in employee-friendly legislation, California could not be undone by the recent New York City and New York State training requirements aimed at preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. Indeed, in late April 2018, the California legislature introduced Senate Bill 1300, which would broaden sexual harassment training requirements already in place under the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).

California may soon require ALL employees to receive training 

Should SB 1300 pass (and there is no indication it will not sometime this summer) California would require all employees in workplaces larger than 5 employees to receive bi-annual two-hour training on sexual harassment prevention, abusive conduct in the workplace, and bystander intervention. The current requirement is limited to supervisory employees in workplaces employing 50 or more employees. Such a move would obviously be significant, as it would create an onerous requirement on employers to scramble for new training and force existing providers to adjust their programs to fit the new needs of an exponential number of new small businesses were the bill to pass.

Syntrio remains ahead of the curve on these matters

As always, Syntrio remains ahead of the curve on these matters, and is already well into development on revised versions of our AB1825 courseware and a new, non-managerial employee version of the course. Although we recommend providing all employees training as a matter of company policy, obviously the California legislature’s attempt to take matters into its own hands is forcing the issue.

The new Senate Bill’s other provisions seek to limit confidentiality provisions in harassment settlement agreements and also seek to wipe out a defense to California’s unique “failure to prevent harassment” cause of action long used by employers. Under that provision, a plaintiff would no longer be required to show that discrimination or harassment actually occurred to succeed on a failure to prevent claim. As you can see, this is just one further step in California’s legislature making it more difficult for California employers to operate their businesses. As things become increasingly difficult we strongly recommend contacting our representatives to see Syntrio can assist you in your harassment prevention needs.

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