Advisory Board

Syntrio’s Legal Advisory Board was created in response to the changing nature of the ethics and compliance e-learning industry. As Syntrio has become a leader in the Compliance 2.0 revolution of full-scale holistic training led from the top down, it sought and brought together a group of leaders in legal and compliance thought to improve on existing products and work together to develop new material to enrich the compliance field as a whole.

Jon GonzalezJonathan Gonzalez

Since 2007, Jonathan has practiced labor and employment law (exclusively on behalf of management). In addition to litigating (up to and including jury trial), individual plaintiff and class action discrimination, harassment, wage, and hour and other employment-specific cases; Jonathan has focused his practice toward advising employers on preventive practice.

Jonathan has presented over 100 live employment discrimination and harassment prevention (and other employment law related) training courses and has provided training manuals to clients with employees in all 50 states. Jonathan has drafted and presented legally compliant training manuals and presentations for clients ranging in size from two employees to Fortune 500 companies. All this allows Jonathan to maintain a keen knowledge of the employment laws throughout the country. Jonathan currently develops scenario-based interactive online training programs for clients of all sizes that are custom-tailored to meet the needs of that industry.

Jonathan G. Gonzalez obtained a Juris Doctorate from Marquette University School of Law in 2006.

n_roseNicole Rose

Nicole Rose is a leader and innovator in Compliance. She is a lawyer and compliance professional of 20 years and has worked globally for companies in Asia, US, Europe and the UK carrying out compliance investigations, setting up and implementing compliance programs, carrying out face-to-face training and advising on and implementing compliance online training programs.

Nicole is also a rare blend of lawyer and artist as she combines her experience with compliance with her love of creativity.  She established her training company, Create Training, in 2012 and has made custom made animated training for companies all around the world. Nicole also has a moving video about her methodology here.

She has worked closely with anti-corruption organizations including Trace International and Ethic Intelligence. She has also worked with LinkedIn, Microsoft, Airbus, Aon, Rolls Royce, Oxfam, Rio Tinto and Wesfarmers. Her training methods has received overwhelmingly positive responses from clients and the 100s of 1000’s of learners alike - an exceptional feat for compliance training. Her methods have even been written about in Forbes.

Nicole is also an avid writer and blends her passion for neuroscience, behaviors and creativity with legal and compliance topics. Nicole regularly writes for leading compliance publications such as The FCPA Blog, the SCCE, Compliance Insights and Ethics Intelligence and also regularly interviews compliance leaders for her own website, Ethics Corner.  

Nicole has just released a book about her methods, Compliance With Attitude.

LeonaLewis HeadshotLeona Lewis

Leona Lewis is the owner of ComplyEthic Consulting LLC; a compliance consulting company focused on strategic risk management for consumer product companies.  She is also the host of the weekly podcast Masters of Disaster featuring interviews with risk, ethics and compliance experts and others with experience useful for practitioners.

Leona Lewis has almost two decades of experience in the legal industry focused on the areas of regulatory law, compliance, environmental law, product safety law & product recalls and supply chain risks in the United States and internationally. For the majority of that time, she worked in-house for the electronics retailer, Best Buy.  While in-house, she was a leader in the enterprise risk management program.  Prior to working in-house, she practiced litigation and spent her days and nights as a hired gun in business contract disputes.

Leona received her law degree from the University of Illinois College of Law in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois and received her B.A. in Economics from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, a town here a little piece of her heart still resides. Her hometown is East Lansing, Michigan, and she is currently located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Half the year she wonders why she lives there and the other half she enjoys the glorious summer cycling and gardening.

Before studying law, Leona was a sales representative in Dallas, Texas for a U.S. industrial lighting manufacturer, working with engineers and contractors on multi-million dollar construction projects. In Dallas, Leona learned the meaning of the phrase “all hat, no cattle,” and other Texas sayings that, in only a few words, seem to say it all.

fixedDan Leporati

Dan Leporati has been in the workers’ compensation and occupational safety and health industry for twenty-four years.  His work history has been spread over the regulatory, insurance, and private consulting sectors of the occupational safety profession.   

Dan started his carrier as a safety program development and evaluation consultant with the State of Florida Division of Safety and was responsible for coordinating the efforts of Florida’s insurance carriers, industry associations, and employers in developing the platform and requirements for the State’s safety program workers’ compensation premium credit program.  After departing the State of Florida, he worked as a field risk control consultant for RiskCorp/Zenith Insurance and Safeco prior to starting his own consulting firm in 2002 called Pivotal Risk Management.

During his stint at Pivotal Risk Management, he developed and managed a customized safety incentive program for the City of Jacksonville, FL that included over 5,000 employees.  Part of that included the development of Syntrio on-line courseware specific to vehicle safety for police officers.  During the tenure at Pivotal Risk Management, Dan’s path led to providing risk management consulting to the Professional Employment Organization and Temporary Staffing industries, through a relationship with Risk Transfer Insurance Agency.  He is now President of RiskAware, the risk management consulting arm of Risk Transfer insurance Agency.

Dan received his Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Alabama and has earned is Associates in Risk Management designation from The Institutes Risk and Insurance Knowledge Group.

The Legal Advisory Board will continue growing through the months and years, as Syntrio identifies candidates it feels can provide contributions to not only e-learning, but to the field of compliance as an academic discipline.

Given the significant developments in workplace compliance in recent months and years, as well as anticipated changes to the industry as a whole, the Legal Advisory Board positions Syntrio to provide its current and future clients with an innovative form of insight and expertise, and is designed to keep training engaging, thought-provoking, and part of a compliance initiative that is holistic and cultural in nature.