6 Things to Look for in Harassment Training

In addition to covering all required content related to harassment, discrimination and retaliation, look for the following when evaluating online harassment compliant training:

  1. Designed by Experts
    Online anti-harassment training should be designed by experts in BOTH harassment prevention and web-based instructional design. A collaboration between a recognized employment law firm and an established e-learning provider is ideal.

  2. Record Keeping
    Your training solution should allow for easy tracking and reporting of completed training and retraining requirements. Ability to create reports based upon various departments, job levels and locations is ideal. Capability to print completion certificates is also best.

  3. Scenario Rich
    Training should be highly interactive with numerous hypothetical scenarios illustrating complex and nuanced situations in which issues with harassment can arise.  Video vignettes also work well to keep employees fully engaged.

  4. Mobile Compatible
    To keep up with employees who are on the go and working hard to stay ahead of the competition, training must be multi-platform compatible. Thus, available when ever and where ever is needed.

  5. Ask Questions
    To be most effective, online training should provide a link or directions on how to contact a live trainer to answer questions. A built-in e-mail or instant messaging feature is ideal.

  6. Customization
    Training should automatically accommodate your organization’s policy including procedures for reporting and handing harassment complaints. It should also have a mechanism that requires managers/supervisors to actively acknowledge that they have received, read and understand the company policy.
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